About Us

“Etoliki” is a family business founded in 1986 with the purpose of producing fabrics. Our growing knowledge of fabrics and their production has allowed us to expand into the fabric trade and the manufacturing of ready-made garments.

Today, Etoliki is in the hands of the “second generation” and continues to expand its activities in the field of fabric and ready-made garments, by representing specialized production companies abroad and designing and producing high-quality private label garments. In recent years, Etoliki undertakes the representation of clothing and fashion brands and their placement in the domestic market.

Clothes are our passion because we know everything about fabrics.

Aim of all of us in Etoliki is the gradual but at the same time sustainable development of the company. That is why we are looking for and importing fabrics from more than 10 countries and are always updated on all the developments and new technologies of production of both traditional and new fabrics and garments.

For more than 30 years, we have gained the experience of looking for and recommending the best solutions to our customers. The quality and the great collection of fabrics along with the competitive prices of our finished products and services for us are a given. But what we want to be known for – and we try to improve continuously – is the best service we offer to our customers, and our reward is their satisfaction and long-lasting confidence.